Sunflower Oil Supply Chain

It has been widely reported that the sunflower oil supply chain has been affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We would like to make our customers aware that we may substitute sunflower oil with alternative oils such as rapeseed oil in some of our products - a course of action we have agreed with the authorities (Trading Standards Primary Authority and Food Standards Agency). This will not impact the quality or taste of any of our products but if you would like to receive further details on the products impacted, please drop us an email via the Contact Us page.

About Loyd

Loyd Grossman has been making great sauces for over 20 years, and believes it takes the right ingredients to create the right flavours.

That’s why we go through a rigorous process to find the correct ingredients to create our sauces. We use Mediterranean tomatoes, ensuring they’re always the right colour, flavour and texture, and Sicilian Lemons, to lift flavour profiles for a fresher, more prominent taste.

Only the best ingredients make up our bold Classic and unique Gastro sauces and premium Pour Over flavours, to help everyone easily create mouth-watering meals.

Applying our food passion and know-how, we work together with Loyd himself to create the wonderful vibrant flavours of the Loyd Grossman range. You can experience this love of great taste in our latest range of Premium Indian and Italian cooking sauces as well as our unique Gastro and premium Pour Over sauces.

Loyd's Signature Range

An exciting range of Italian inspired pasta sauces. 

Chianti & Parmesan Bolognese
Chilli Pepper &Balsamic Arrabbiata
Pancetta & Smoked Garlic Carbonara

Italian Pasta Pots

Pasta Italia pots are now available in three delicious flavours: Creamy Chicken Pesto, Sundried Tomato and Chilli and Sundried Tomato and Basil. The new ranges contain authentic ingredients with a market-leading flavour and are ready in only five minutes - great for enjoying as a quick tasty lunch on the move! 

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Italian Cooking Sauces

The Loyd Grossman Italian Sauces range is at the heart of our desire to bring the best ingredients together, blended to produce fantastic tasting sauces.
The range now includes Italian pasta sauces such as Bolognese, Tomato & Chilli, and a classic Tomato & Basil.
And we've added Creamy Gorgonzola & Wild Mushroom, and Creamy Spinach, Mascarpone & Caramelised Shallots sauces available as pouches.

Indian Cooking Sauces

Loyd's Indian Cooking Sauces take the best ingredients and make your traditional favourites, including a mild Korma sauce, and more intense Balti, and Tikka Masala Sauces.

These favourites are both traditional and flexible, and can be used with a variety of meats, vegetables and fish.

Loyd's Gastro Menu

A selection of premium cooking sauces inspired by popular world flavours including Moroccan Tagine, and a Creamy Stroganoff.

Available in our convenient pouch format that serves two.

"No Added Sugar"... Sweet !

These new sauces combine the same great taste of our Loyd Grossman Italian sauces range but with no added sugar. 

They come in three tasty flavours: Tomato & Basil, Tomato & Chilli, and Bolognese.

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Italian Pasta Sachets

Like the Pasta Italia pots these covenient sachets are available in three great flavours: Creamy Chicken Pesto, Tomato and Chilli and Tomato and Basil. 

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Pour Over Sauces

Add vibrant flavour to your meat and fish dishes with a simple to use Pour Over Sauce. Available in White Wine & Parsley, and Creamy Peppercorn & Brandy, in our convenient pouch format that serves two.

Risotto Meal Kits

Loyd's new kits help you create authentic tasting, fuss-free risotto at home. They come in three great flavours: Creamy Mushroom and White Wine, Butternut Squash & Sage and Tomato, and Ricotta and Red Chilli, and each contains seasoned Italian Risotto rice and a sachet of wet sauce, to make a perfect meal for two people.

Thai Cooking Sauces

Loyd is passionate about flavour, and nothing shows this more than the exquisite blending of flavours in our Thai Sauces range.

In addition to our traditional Thai red and green curries, we have recreated a Panang curry with crushed chillis and red bell peppers, and a Green coconut curry with Thai basil and lime.


Can I freeze your sauces?
While all Loyd Grossman sauces are at their best when used from freshly opened jars or pouches, we also realise the importance to avoid generating food waste, where safe to do so.  

For inspiration on how to use your leftovers creatively, you can visit Love Food Hate Waste’s website: 

Should you have some of your sauce or meal left over, it is really important to adhere to safety guidelines when it comes to cooling and reheating the product, follow the FSA guidelines when/if freezing the product: 

If you’ve made too much sauce for a dish, decant into an airtight tub or freezer bag and freeze. Defrost in the fridge and use within 24 hours. 

Leftover sauces can be added straight from frozen, to a wide range of dishes, to add some extra flavour.

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